Hi! I’m Liz. Thanks for stopping by.

I can’t remember when my passion for writing was born. Being an introvert and shy of voicing my opinion, many times, I would merely formulate my arguments in my head. While in college I started working as a freelance writer, then came the realization that I could express my thoughts through writing.

Yes, there are many blogs out there, but I hope to make your mornings, and days, insightful. This site is, a platform to address the challenges facing our society, today, which many may not have the courage to speak out. It is a chance to add your voice to the cry of the others or be the only voice to stand up, and hopefully, propagate change in our shared struggles.

That is what I hope to achieve as I undertake this project. I Look forward to an exciting, informative and mind-blowing experience with you. I have a wild mind and just cannot restrict my writing to a particular topic. As time goes by, you will realize that I will touch on a broad spectrum of issues that we face in our day to day life.

I believe this will help raise awareness and promote personal growth for both you and me while fostering change and enlightenment in the society.