How to Use Regular Conditioner as a Powerful Deep Conditioner

Does your hair need a deep cleanse and some TLC?

Wash-days can be tiresome. Yes, you may want clean hair free from product buildup, but it is a process. I sometimes have to weigh the pros and cons of washing the hair or leaving it as is; when my hair and scalp beg for some attention.

By wash-day, I mean the whole pre-poo, shampoo, to moisturizing the hair. Sometimes you opt to stay just one more week without having to wash it.

When you finally overcome the mental obstacle of having to wash your mane, the next step is to ensure that you are well armed with the needed solutions.

One of the most essential stages of a natural hair wash day routine is the deep conditioning stage. A plastic cap, warm towel at hand (for heat), and a moisturizing or strengthening deep conditioner are needed.

When you only have a regular conditioner and are at the deep conditioning stage, you may wonder, can you use regular conditioner as a homemade deep conditioner for natural hair?

A regular conditioner adds instant moisture to your strands, but could it also work as the best deep conditioner for natural hair? Below is how:


Turning regular conditioner into a deep conditioner

You have probably run out of your deep conditioner, or you aren’t convinced to purchase that exorbitantly priced, but much-praised small jar of best deep conditioner for dry natural hair.

A regular conditioner can go for as little as $2, but it can give you more than its value. That is, to obtain the benefits of deep conditioning, a moisturized and healthy mane.

Now, before you settle for any deep conditioner, you have to determine what your hair needs.

It could be moisture, and those with tight coils, understand the importance of moisture to our strands. The ingredients that can help you transform your regular conditioner include:

  • Honey: For moisture and shine
  • Extra virgin Olive Oil: it provides your strands with nourishment, and shine
  • Shea Butter: a go-to butter for many naturalistas
  • Plain Greek Yogurt: a common ingredient for making homemade deep conditioner for natural hair
  • Avocados: beneficial in preventing hair loss
  • Mayo: acts as a protein treatment


A Few Additions May do you Good

Woman in juicy twists
Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash 


With hair dripping wet, I once realized that I had run out of my deep conditioner. There wasn’t time to go to the shop to buy any additional components, and my tresses needed a deep conditioning treatment.

Maybe I could skip the whole step, but no one wants stiff, dull hair just a few days after washing it.

In my possession were a few natural oils and some natural Shea butter.

Using a small container, I pumped a small portion of my regular conditioner, Shea Moisture Low Porosity Conditioner, into it, added a teaspoon of raw Shea butter and a dime size of Sheth Naturals’ Jamaican black castor oil.

Mixed them into a thick consistency, applied it to each section of the hair, as usual, put on my plastic cap, and waited for a few minutes (30-60 minutes) before rinsing it out. A little apprehensive about the outcome, but I finally got the courage to rinse my hair.

To my delight, my strands were easy to detangle, and it felt softer compared to using the store-bought deep conditioner.


Don’t fret when you run out of your favorite deep conditioner; you can always use a regular conditioner for deep conditioning but by adding a few more ingredients.

Have you ever been in an almost similar situation? What additions worked for you?


PS: Tried it with a less organic conditioner -Mega Growth Deep Strengthening Treatment-, and the moisture gained wouldn’t last long, though. Added avocado oil to it, and it was no good. As a henna gloss, the combination seemed to breakdown and became watery.

2 thoughts on “How to Use Regular Conditioner as a Powerful Deep Conditioner”


    1. Hi Lina,

      I am currently using the Sheba Instant Conditioner, by Sheth Naturals. It loosens knots in the hair immediately, and also works pretty well as a co-wash, too. You can get their deep conditioner, which is both moisturizing and strengthening.

      You can also use their instant conditioner and mix it with other components as detailed in the above post every wash day, as a deep conditioning treatment.

      As for a leave-in treatment, the one I’m currently using is from Creme of Nature.

      Edit: I just discovered that my low porosity hair prefers a thick leave-in treatment. Shea Moisture’s JBCO leave-in is my fav, at present.

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