The Tale of a Shoe: what does it say about you?

If faced with the option of getting things done quickly or going for slow progression, I bet many of us would choose the former. Your choice will depend on what you hope to achieve and the desire to do so. One thing that vexes me about many organizations is having to queue before you get the desired services.

More so, in banks and government parastatals. On this fateful day, it was a long queue to freedom, at Kenya Power, or so I thought. A friend had yet to receive their power bill for months, and their efforts to reach KPLC had been to no avail.

Since I also had to book the #BlackPanther seats in person, I thought why not, I can also sort out the issue with Kenya Power. There weren’t too many people waiting to be served, but the line was moving at the pace of a snail.

Standing in line with people I didn’t know and couldn’t start a conversation with; I drifted away into my thoughts. It was a chance to live in the moment, away from the hustle and bustle of grinding every day, but I couldn’t help but find solace in my reflections.

When walking along the streets, we rarely notice what other people put on their feet, unless it’s something that grabs your attention. But, as I wandered in my thoughts, as it was just the right time when I didn’t need to rack my brain for ideas on a piece of article that I had to work on, I found myself looking at the shoes of the people around me.

They say, first impressions matter and it’s not a new thing that people may judge you by how you dress. More so, what one wears can tell a lot about the person and especially the shoes. So, what does your shoe say about you?

  • Making the Best of Every Situation that Comes your Way

A person who is in clean but rugged shoes is someone who braves the challenges that come their way. You can even see the areas where the cobbler left his mark as he attempts to fix and mend the torn parts. Life has been or is harsh to them, but they don’t give up just yet. You just got to do, what you need to do, for you have been given one more day, to live your life.

The lessons and experiences that you have had to endure, many of us hope not to go through. And let’s be honest, many of us wouldn’t dare to put on torn shoes when you’re leaving the gate of your house. You could use them within the compound, but not when you are outdoors, you try and find something that is at least appealing.

  • Just starting out

You are donning brand new, and often, pretty shoes. They probably did cost you a handsome sum. And the cobbler is yet to leave his trademark on it. You hope in the future and can’t wait to see what is in store for you. You may have faced challenges along the way, but they weren’t tough enough to bring you down.

Or you could be a fresh face in the real world. You feel you are unstoppable and belief that you can handle whatever comes your way. But, wait till real life hits, the narrative might change.

  • The experienced

Here, your shoes aren’t new anymore. You have worn them several times. The sole of the shoe is starting to wear. Though the upper is in good condition, the traction of the shoe is fading. These are people who have faced the ups and downs of life.

Sometimes they stayed down, and for the most times, they rise, to the occasion. They have real-world experience. They don’t live in disillusionment for they have seen and experienced life, both the good and the bad.


It doesn’t matter what shoe you wear, because you can always buy a new one, and wear it before it becomes untenable. Challenges may come your way and for many, they definitely will; but you’ve got to find a way to overcome.

You may not fit in any of the categories above, but what you put on your feet can say more about you, than mere words. Oh! That’s the tale of a shoe. When you want to know the story behind a person, “Uliza Kiatu.”


PS: It’s just my analogy.


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