Why should We fit into a Specific Box?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

and I just can’t fit,

into a specific box.

When one reaches a stage where one questions almost everything, people may take it the wrong way, especially when challenging what’s considered the norm. It doesn’t mean that one intends to rebel.

Perhaps it’s the desire to be in a position where you can support your stand whatever question comes your way. Or you just want to have a better understanding of a concept.

It’s probably why Physics has been a favorite all these years, as it’s principles make sense. In fitting an axle to a wheel, both made of metal; the shaft is placed in cold temperatures to contract, then installed into the hoop. They are then exposed to room temperature, and the axil expands to fit.

You can’t argue with that explanation.

The norms and conventions of society are prone to change, but people reject change before they get to embrace it. In the few or many years, I have lived-depends on how you look at it- I have grown to believe in specific issues. That they were the absolute and proper way to live one’s life.

Say, get a good education, and secure your future. Or, engage other people, don’t be an introvert. And I have tried to be what I am not and failed miserably so many times. It is until I decided to be who I am, that I am finding satisfaction in what I do.

  • Education

There’s a notion that the path you take in your education determines your career prospects and the field suitable for you. Like many others, I opted for the courses with a high potential for good pay to a fresh graduate, and the future.

In other education systems, you can try out different fields before you settle for one. Even when you already select one, you can still change it.

However, one can still have a fresh start and pursue what is in their hearts without the limitation of their educational background. Some high school dropouts are winging it in different fields.

Yet, a new beginning is what many of us fear, and circumstance may force you to consider other options.

  • Career

The first job you get may not be the only field you pursue in life. People change careers when they can’t find satisfaction in what they do, among other things. Yes, even at 30 or 40 years of age.

Writing blogs wouldn’t have been one of my responses, had someone asked me what I enjoy doing, a few years back. At the onset, I was reluctant to tell others what I did. Compared to the prestige associated with my educational background, wouldn’t they see me as a failure?

It’s an interest fostered from freelance writing, which gave me a sneak peek at different fields. The latter was an opportunity to learn about things that aroused my curiosity.

  • Life

As an introvert, and often a solitudinarian, I just couldn’t see myself publishing my thoughts or life online. Yes, a blog and a social media platform are two different things. There’s a circle of friends with potential acquaintances, here and there, and then there’s everyone else. 

Still, in freelance writing, an opportunity I had an interest in, required the candidates to have a blog. So I did the needful, purchased and registered a domain, and set up a web page. And so, I began this journey.

Then came the part where I had to learn how to make use of a blog. A common reiterated sentiment among many experts in blogging is to find your niche and stick to it. It could be fashion, travel, lifestyle, etc.

With a mind that has an interest in and opinions on a variety of issues, this is a battle I may never win. I just don’t know how to restrict myself to one subject matter. Coupled with itchy fingers, it’s going to be hard not to type them out, even though publishing comes with second-guessing.

In the end, it may or may not work out. One thing is sure, I just can’t fit in a single box. I will let my imagination wander the ends of the earth, and I will write about it until I can’t. 

I will just hold on to these words:

“One who takes the road less traveled earns the rewards most missed.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

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