Why should we fit into a Specific Box?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

And I just can’t fit,

Into a specific box.


Growing up, I used to view life as a checklist which you cancel out goals reached. However, I find myself at a stage where I’m questioning many of the previously held beliefs—even those which may be considered the norm in society.

When this happens, sometimes, people take it the wrong way, and some may consider it an act of rebellion. But behind the questions is the desire to be in a position where I can support my stance on the matter at hand.

Other times, it could be the desire to have a better understanding of a concept.


One of the reasons why Physics has been a favorite all these years is—its principles make sense.

Say: In fitting an axle to a wheel, both made of metal, the shaft is placed in cold temperatures to contract before it’s installed into the hoop of the wheel.

Then exposed to room temperature, the axle expands to fit.

You can’t argue with such an explanation!

Well, if you keep in mind the property of metal when placed in different temperatures.


Of Things Unlearned: Experience is the Best Teacher

For some time, I seemed to get by just fine, dismissing the clash between my perception of life and reality. However, with the two continually at odds, to the point of making it difficult to accept the present as is, I had to re-evaluate my beliefs and all things I considered as possible truths.

Say: You have to possess a particular set of traits to be considered woman enough for a girl. If you deviate from any of these, then you weren’t as feminine as you should be.

If you thrive in time alone, you should consider changing this habitual need. This is despite what your mental state may demand—for a little peace, for the sake of your sanity.

And the numerous times I tried to be what I am not, I failed miserably.


  • Education

There’s a notion that the path you take in your education determines your career prospects and that it’s set in stone.

With this in mind—just finishing high school—I opted for courses with a high potential for good pay right from graduation.

Focused on prestige, I failed to take this time to identify the areas where my passions lie.

Over time, however, and with much resistance, the charm of attainment of prestige faded, and I had to face a different truth:

It’s never too late to have a fresh start and pursue what is in your heart— your educational background notwithstanding.

Yet, a new beginning is what many of us fear. Still, circumstances may force you to consider other options.


  • Career

Nowadays, people consider a career change when they can’t find satisfaction in what they do: no matter their age. It could also be due to a growing desire to align with one’s changing interests, among other things.

However, the lure of attainment of financial stability can make it difficult for one to heed this call.

Writing blogs wouldn’t have been my response had someone asked me what I enjoy doing a few years back. In the early stages, I was reluctant to tell others about it.

Compared to the esteem associated with my educational background, wouldn’t they see me as a failure?

My interest was fostered, by chance, through freelance writing. The latter being an opportunity to learn about different things that aroused my curiosity without fully committing to anything.

And now here I am: each moment I click the publish button, I let out a sigh of relief—I finally said my piece!


  • Life

The beginning of this blogging journey was simple: I needed to purchase and register a domain name, then set up my web page.

Then came the part where I had to identify the type of content I would want to upload. A common reiterated sentiment among many experts in blogging is to pick a niche and stick to it; it could be fashion, travel, lifestyle, etc.

With a mind that has an interest in and opinions on various issues, I may never win this battle. I don’t know how to restrict myself to one subject matter.

Coupled with itchy fingers, it’s going to be hard not to type them out, even though publishing may come with second-guessing.

In the end, it may or may not work out, but one thing is sure: I just can’t fit into a single box. So I will let my imagination wander the ends of the earth, and I will write about it until I can’t.


So, I hold on to these words:

“One who takes the road less traveled earns the rewards most missed.”


― Matshona Dhliwayo

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