Celebrating Easter with the Drunken Alarm

One of the holidays that I always look forward to each year is the Easter Holiday. And I probably do it for the wrong reasons. It is an assured four consecutive days that you have the excuse not to work.

For the past few years, Easter came at a time when I was away from my family. At the university and now that I have moved out from home. It could be the number one factor why I can’t remember the last time I upheld the Easter traditions.

And this time around, I needed a reminder of why people celebrate Easter. Back in my mind, I know that it marks the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but my inquisitive mind needed to understand the origins of Easter holiday.


Facts about Easter
1) Easter is a moveable feast. The same applies to the holidays related to it, e.g., Ash Wednesday, and Palm Sunday. In that, it doesn’t fall on a fixed date, but easter holiday dates depend on the lunisolar calendar.

2) It falls between different dates for the Western and Eastern Christianity practitioners. For Western Christianity where I bet most Christian African nations belong, the times are between 22nd March and 25th of April. As for Eastern Christianity whose calculations are based on the Julian Calendar, it is between April 4th and May 8th.

3) Following the first full moon, on the first Sunday, after the northern spring equinox, that’s when Easter is held.


Enough of the Easter holiday history. This year, after evaluating the numerous Easter holiday deals and Easter holiday destinations, I chose to settle for a quiet and trivial time of resting at home. And so did our neighbor’s drunken alarm.

He seemed to have opted to visit the nearby tavern to drown his sorrows in booze or perhaps it was to drink and make merry for the coming long holiday. And just like clockwork, as he does every weekend, he just had to wake everyone up with his mumbo-jumbo, in the wee hours of the morning.

We all know, arguing with a drunk is nugatory but this time around, some couldn’t take it anymore. And so, the theatricals ensued. Some guy thought he would outwit him by threatening to take him to the landlord.

Our drunken alarm wasn’t shaken. Who was the landlord to him, when he already owned land in Kileleshwa? He even dared the guy to accompany him to the landlord so that he can report him in his presence. Some lady chimed in, to boost the one guy who found it in him to stand up for the rest of us.

Seeing he was gaining more attention with his drama and evidently boisterous voice, he would taunt anyone that tried shut him down. And with scorn, he asked her about the numerous boyfriends that she brings home. Questioning her of her worth and offering to join the furor.

And humbly she backed down when he outright told her to look for a husband. No one dared to speak up, as you didn’t know what crazed comment he would concoct and dart at you. But this didn’t stop him he had to engage anyone in his sight.

His drunken stupor didn’t stop him from being a champion of rights, of course. He stood up for some kids whose nanny wanted to “discipline” for some unknown reason. As if that’s not enough, this particular lady decided to seek refuge in the hands of another guy. The two almost came to blows, if others hadn’t intervened.

The drunken alarm was asked to apologize, but he was adamant. According to him, he didn’t do anything wrong. After much hassle and tussle, he was left alone. Drowning himself in the victory, he decided, we weren’t going to have any peace.

And the whole day, he would offer advice or insult to anyone who cared or dared to indulge him. That’s how my Easter started. What I had hoped would be a restful sleep, came to an end with the chatter of the drunken alarm. Knowing that I wasn’t going to get any more sleep, and so did everyone else, we lazily got up, in preparation for the long weekend.

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