3 Dun’ts of Relationships: Of Unrequited Love, Unavailable Guys, and “Unconventional” Relationships


Unaware of her past, Xing’er, a slave, maneuvers her way to work for Yuwen Yue—one of the Wei State’s high-ranking government officials.


Wait! What’s this about, you may ask? 

Faced with the daily pressures of adulting and looking for solace, Chinese films have come to soothe this need lately. This article focuses on the Love Story that shapes the Chinese drama series Princess Agents.


 While working under Yuwen Yue, Xing’er catches the eyes of different persons in authority: mostly Princes of other states.


I won’t get into the politics of this captivating drama. However, it has a significant impact on how everything turns out in the end.


Yuwen Yue is a reticent guy; he shows no emotions and is detached in his interactions. He takes an interest in Xing’er, to use her for his cause. Yan Xun and Yuan Song, both Princes and friends of Yuwen Yue, also take a liking to Xing’er (whom they sometimes call A’Chu).

As the plot develops, Xing’er warms towards Yan Xun, and the pair appear to work well together. They share the same dream of a peaceful ‘world.’ Resilient and strong-willed, A’Chu braves whatever comes her way in the attainment of this dream, but mostly with the help of Yan Xun and Yuwen Yue.


♥ Unavailable Guys

A close relationship is budding between Yan Xun and A’Chu; however, all through the film, I was rooting for a more intimate relationship between her and Yuwen Yue. To my surprise and like an epiphany— so did many other people on the internet. 

It brought a realization that many of us tend to gravitate towards the unavailable guys (ladies or gents). Those we can’t quite seem to decipher or lockdown. It could be why we cannot seem to find an end to “Sponsor” relationships.

“He was seeing two different ladies at the same time. Lady A had a cheery demeanor and was by all standards a keeper. On the other hand, Lady B was the one he most wanted, but she wasn’t ready for commitment. Then came time to settle down; as he weighed the pros and cons of taking one of the relationships to the next level, it would have been for his good to choose Lady A—if none, at all.

However, the heart wants what it wants; and it made him go with Lady B. He now has to come to terms with accepting to share her with several of her other boy ‘friends.’ Of course, he knew of this fact right from the start.”


♥ Unrequited Love

Yuan Song is an amiable character. His relationship with Xing’er falls in the “friend-zoned” category. Xing’er (Chu Qiao) and Yan Xun are his friends: united by their desire for peace. Where he can, Yuan Song tries to save A’ Chu from the mess she may be in, despite the harm he comes to and knowing she doesn’t feel the same way he does about her.

All the while, he gets a front-row seat in whatever is going on between Yan Xun and Xing’er. As with unrequited love, his efforts aren’t enough to keep Xing’er away from Yan Xun; due to the promise the two had made to each other.

“She was strongly attracted to him and thought the feeling was mutual. Perhaps, he made it appear like so. Her friends tried to convince her his feelings for her didn’t match what she wanted to offer, but she wouldn’t listen. Leaving their potential “love story” to chance was not in her plans.

Tenaciously and passionately, she pursued him; he didn’t budge. Every move she made would only result in him moving further away from her. The same way we let go of an idea after several failed attempts, she unwillingly decided to stop her advances.

Things were getting awkward and messy between them. With time her feelings ebbed away; she no longer had the urge to cry over his actions. Time passed; I guess he realized he had lost something beautiful and could have reacted differently.

He reached out to her. However, she had moved on. He no longer held the same power over her as he once did. She wasn’t interested anymore.”


♥ Unconventional Relationships

Yuwen Yue is also developing feelings for Xing’er, but it appears he doesn’t want to show it. Their relationship is still of a master and his slave. They keep rescuing each other when on opposing sides: at the expense of the consequences of their actions.

When he finally let go of his reserved self, it was a great joy. Sadly, their love story didn’t get time to grow by the 58th episode.

 “They both liked each other. Though the guy belonged to a different religion from hers, everything else about him was just what the lady (now a woman) ever wanted in a partner. 

Any relationship, other than platonic, was not an option. She couldn’t help but worry about the day when they would need to have “the big talk” about religion.

Each pulled in a different direction, and none was ready to have a threesome with God and their partner. Or brave enough to let go of their beliefs for the sake of love.

However, she still asks herself whether it would have worked out if they had chosen to listen to their feelings and consequences be damned.”

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  1. Love, Power, Loyalty! Oh wait, did I mention suspense? Just curious to find out what becomes of Yuwen Yue and A’chu, or Xinger, however you like it. Such a beautiful piece, well thought and splendidly written. Can’t wait for more of this!

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