New Year Resolution: Taking Baby Steps

For those who’ve crossed over into the new year, cheers! There’s still a long way to go.

To those affected by the Dusit Attack; if you are still breathing, life is worth living.

Many of us start each year with a long list of resolutions. Maybe you want to be the biggest baddest *insert your ambition* in town this year.

Perhaps you’ve been giving more than you receive and this time around you want to say yes to you first. Time to get rid of that People Pleaser Title that hangs over your head.

To some, it could be that procrastination has been taking a toll on you and you are no longer psyched by the rush of adrenaline when you have to work on your tasks at the last minute.

You know why you procrastinate but can’t seem to get yourself to start working on your tasks earlier.

Here, I am always postponing to write and publish posts *guilty*. Yes, there’s still that fear of publishing and the toll of having to bear yourself for others to see. It never gets easy; that’s for sure.

Reaching the skies
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash






By now, you have probably identified significant steps, and changes that you know you need to make. The thought of this may make you want to crawl back to the usual barrage of excuses, that many of us have to battle with:

  • You are not ready for this!
  • You are not good enough! There are others more *insert your fear* than you.
  • There’s still time, take it easy!
  • And when you are not comfortable doing something; why don’t you just let it go? (Still, you know in your subconscious mind that you need to do it.)
  • Everybody else is doing the opposite; do you think you are any special?
  • Just don’t do it. It isn’t worth your efforts.

Unfortunately, many of us are familiar with the unabating itch of needing to try something out. Moreover, when you don’t try, and it’s too late, there’s that thought that chides at you “You should have tried. Your loss!”

So, just like a baby learning his/her first steps; you’ve got to take it one step at a time. Leave the not so good habits with the past year, and embrace practices that will propel you towards your goals. Remember, your future is in your hands, even though you may not have much control over the outcome.

As the Yiddish adage goes:

Mann traoch, Gott Lauch- Man plans, God laughs


When you do, there’s no room left for blaming yourself for not trying.

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