Product Review; Sheba Range for Wash day by Sheth Naturals

Every full washday can be a pain in the neck for a naturalista. From the different stages of washing that you need to tick off, to the numerous products you have to incorporate in your wash day routine.

Depending on the processes you need to go through, washday typically takes a few hours to a half-day. Honestly, I dread, full washdays and anything that cuts the whole process in half, I’d go for it without any doubt.

Who (is) Sheth Naturals?

It is a Kenyan company that deals with all things natural or rather, organic products. That is hair and skincare products that are

Created with love for the timeless African Queen.

Sheth Naturals has two product ranges:

  • Mizizi: consists of natural cold-pressed oils, clays, and butters.
  • Sheba: comprises of all-natural products for the hair. Their washday products fall in this category. The Sheba Moisturizing Shampoo Bar, Instant Conditioner and Deep Conditioner.

The Washday Process

Most full hair washdays start at the pre-poo (before shampoo) stage. It’s when you treat your hair using an oil of choice, hot oil treatment, conditioner or a hair mask. You apply it on your mane, leave it for a few minutes, and apply heat (depending on the type of treatment).

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Doing this keeps the shampoo from aggressively stripping your hair of its natural oils. A common attribute of clarifying shampoos.

Here’s what a full wash day is like, using the Sheba Range of products from Sheth Naturals:

  • Sheba Moisturizing Shampoo Bar

It’s a 100g bar that lasts several wash days and smells heavenly. It doesn’t strip the hair when washing as a clarifying shampoo does. Use warm water to make it lather, quickly.

Also, if your hair experiences buildup you may need to wash your hair twice with the shampoo bar.


  1.          Doesn’t strip the hair, so you don’t have to pre-poo before washing.
  2.          Contains hair-nourishing ingredients that hydrate-aqua, moisturizes, and conditions the hair (Shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, bentonite clay, honey, and Aritha powder.)
  3.          Lathers easily with warm water
  4.         It also lasts long. Well, you wouldn’t want to be buying a shampoo bar for each wash day, would you?

Con: You may not get rid of all the buildup with one wash (personal observation). If so, rinse your hair with clean water and rewash it with the shampoo bar. It never takes more than two washes, though to get super cleansed and soft hair.

NB: The shampoo bar now comes in new packaging with the addition of glycerin in its ingredients.

  • Sheba Instant Conditioner

The directions for use state that you need to use it before shampooing your hair. However, I use it as a regular conditioner. It’s one of my go-to conditioners.

The first time I used it; it had a pungent smell that didn’t sit well with me. Though with time it’s either I got used to it, or the scent wears off. The conditioner has a lighter consistency than other conditioners I’ve used, but it’s as or more effective.

You can feel your tangles and knots loosen as you apply it on your wet hair. Thus, it makes detangling easy and takes less time. It also foams when you rub it on your hair, probably why it makes a great co-wash.


  1.                It’s a water-based product and water is the number one moisturizer.
  2.                Can be used as a co-wash. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a different product for your co-washing days.
  3.                Quickly melts the tangles and knots in the hair.
  4.                It lasts several washdays, too.

Cons: It has a pungent smell. Though, this wears off with time.

 Do you know you can also use Regular Conditioner as a Powerful Deep Conditioner?

  • Sheba Deep Conditioner 

It acts as a moisturizing and strengthening treatment. Also, it contains Baobab oil, which has hair-regenerating properties. The deep conditioner has a thicker consistency than the Instant conditioner.

Use it with heat to enjoy its maximum benefit. A plastic cap wrapped with a towel will do. Rub it on the palms of your hands before applying to your strands. You’ll use less of the product.

Don’t forget to give a little more love to the ends of your hair. They are the oldest part of your mane.


  1.                It conditions and strengthens the hair. Leaving it soft and reduces shedding. Therefore, you may skip having to do a protein treatment on that particular washday.

Con: The strengthening properties of a protein treatment last longer (several months), compared to this which is between wash days. It may not be a con really since it’s advisable to deep condition your hair every time you wash it.

NB: This review is for their previous product formulation. Haven’t tried the new one in yet.

Overall Opinion on the Sheba Range Washday Products

All three products (Sheba Shampoo Bar, Instant Conditioner and Deep Conditioner), deliver on what they promise. They leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized, every step of the way.

They also cut down the overall time spent on washing the hair on a full washday. You don’t necessarily need to pre-poo before you shampoo your hair. Also, the Sheba Deep Conditioner reduces the need to do a protein treatment, between washdays (if you notice excessive shedding of your hair.)

My only concern is that Sheth Naturals has revised its pricing on products, upwards. That may lock out current and potential customers from experiencing the immense value that their products offer.

Also, they could do something to mask the smell of the Instant Conditioner. It was not a great experience when I used it for the first time.

Have you used any of the products above; tell us about your experience in the comments section below

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