Product Review: Sheba Range for Wash day by Sheth Naturals

Full natural hair washdays tend to be lengthy: from the different recommended steps of prepping the hair, washing & styling; to the numerous products incorporated in a single hair wash routine.

Depending on the stages one chooses to partake in, a typical hair wash day may take a few hours to half a day.

Honestly, I dread full washdays. Anything that cuts the whole process in half or more— I’d go for it without a doubt.

A Little Background Info:

Sheth Naturals is a Kenyan brand that deals with all things organic for the hair and skin.

They have two product ranges:

  • Mizizi: consists of natural cold-pressed oils, clays, and various butters.
  • Sheba: comprises of all-natural products specific to the hair; including their washday products, that is— the Sheba Moisturizing Shampoo Bar, Instant Conditioner, and Deep Conditioner.


A Typical Natural Hair Washday Routine using The Sheba Range

Most full hair washdays start at the pre-poo (before shampoo) stage. It’s where you coat your strands with: an oil of choice, conditioner, or a hair mask. Leave it for a few minutes, hours, or overnight; and apply heat (depending on the type of treatment).                

Doing this keeps the shampoo from aggressively stripping your hair of its natural oils—a common attribute of clarifying shampoos.

Here’s what a full wash day is like, using the Sheba Range of products:

  • Sheba Moisturizing Shampoo Bar

This 100g bar is non-stripping and lathers easily with warm water—emphasis on the warm water. It also lasts several wash days and smells heavenly.

If your hair is prone to buildup, one wash with the shampoo bar may not suffice.


  1.                 You don’t have to pre-poo before washing your hair as it’s not stripping.
  2.                 It comprises beneficial components –shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, bentonite clay, honey, and Aritha powder–: thus, the bar is also moisturizing to the hair.

Con:                You may not get rid of all the buildup with one wash due to its non-stripping properties. If so, rinse your hair with clean water and rewash it. It never takes more than two washes, though, to get super cleansed and soft hair.

  • Sheba Instant Conditioner

It’s one of my favorite conditioners, so far. I use it as a regular conditioner even though it’s intended for use before shampooing: a detangler or pre-poo.

On the first time of use, the conditioner had somewhat of a pungent smell. Though with time, I either got used to it, or the scent wore off.

I was a little nervous about its lighter consistency –compared to conditioners used previously– on the first try, but it is as effective. When applied on wet hair, you can feel the tangles and knots loosen. Thus, making detangling easy and less time-consuming.

It also foams when massaged on the hair—probably why it makes a good co-wash.


  1.                It has impressive moisturizing properties as it quickly melts the tangles and knots in the hair: a pretty good detangler.
  2.                Works well as a co-wash—leaves the strands feeling clean and the scalp itch-free for a good number of days.
  3.                Effectively gets rid of any gunk left after shampooing; let it sit on the hair for a few minutes.

Con:                It has a pungent smell: though, this wears off with time.

 Do you know you can use Regular Conditioner as a Powerful Deep Conditioner?


  • Sheba Deep Conditioner 

The deep conditioner is a must-have as it offers both moisturizing and strengthening attributes. It also contains Baobab oil, which has hair-regenerating properties.

Compared to the Instant conditioner, the deep conditioner has a thicker consistency. Rub it on your hands’ palms before application on your strands, to use less of it.

For maximum benefit, use it with heat: a plastic cap wrapped with a towel for 30 minutes or so will do, or an external source of heat.

Don’t forget to give a little more love to the ends of your hair— they are the oldest part of your mane and most susceptible to breakage.


  1.                It moisturizes the hair for longer than when using a regular conditioner— leaving the strands soft and supple for a week or more.
  2.                It’s strengthening property helps reduce hair shedding. You may skip doing a protein treatment on a washday, without much worry.

Con:               Pitted against a dedicated protein treatment, the strengthening property of the deep conditioner lasts between wash days, but the effects of the former last longer, even up to several months. It may not be a con since it’s advisable to deep condition your hair every time you wash it.

Overall Opinion on the Sheba Range Washday Products

All three products (Shampoo Bar, Instant Conditioner, and Deep Conditioner) offer immense value. They leave the strands feeling soft and moisturized every step of the way.

They also take away a few steps from the natural hair washday routine: you don’t necessarily need to pre-poo before going in with the Shampoo bar.

Also, the Deep Conditioner lessens the need for a protein treatment on a washday— which is necessary if you notice excessive shedding of the hair.

Since it’s not as strong as a dedicated protein treatment, the deep conditioner is a lifesaver for those whose strands are protein sensitive —nods in low porosity. Your strands get to enjoy a proper balance of protein and moisture every washday, without being excessive.


Have you used any of the products above? Share your experience in the comments section.

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