Are you woman enough? Continued….

There’s no single set of characteristics that comprehensively identifies what it takes: to be woman enough. One could be both compassionate and assertive, or resilient and tranquil, and so forth. 

As different virtues are inherent in each individual,  in varying measures. The trait one exudes at a particular time mostly depends on what the circumstances dictate, and sometimes the kind of emotion that takes over. 

No single person chooses what they possess or lack. Nevertheless, as we embark on a self-discovery journey, we do get in tune with our true nature.


Carol has always been outspoken since she could speak. It was seen and admired as confidence before, but society labels her as difficult since she’s now grown. 

Many times she’s been made to feel like an oddball. That somehow, her being is wayward, and her beliefs deterrent to the progression of the societal norms.

Maybe Carol needs to tone it down and learn to turn a blind eye to the issues that rouse her. 

That she should strive to be “womanly” in manner and accept the status quo. “No one’s going to find you attractive or like you if you don’t,” they say.

The mind is a constant battle; does she opt for a life of embracing who she is to the core, or should Carol fight it? Did the Creator err in designing her this way?


“You better shine on ’em baby, you a star. You betta

Be exactly who you are-Forever.

Cause they gon’ try and change your heart. Don’t let ’em.

Cause you’re sure damn fine, just the way you are…”Forever by Sa-Roc


Photo by Baraa jalahej from Pexels

We are who we are, just the way we came to be—firm or peaceable, disciplined or flexible, just or tolerant, or different combinations of all. 

Embracing who you are is much better than fighting a losing battle. Someday, it’s all going to come out eventually. 


How gratifying is it to say, “In all things, I can confidently say, I didn’t live a lie.”


Ok. Never claimed to be perfect

That’s an impossible dream

I’m just saying that I’m worth it

That’s the responsible thing

Spent half my life trying to find my light from outside sources, while the only voice that mattered came from me…”Forever by Sa-Roc


You don’t have to fit into a specific box to be considered feminine!

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