One with the Reflection in the Mirror: Who are You?

Sometimes in life, we feel like we are living in conflict with our true selves. Something inside us screams, “This isn’t you!”

When you are tired of living a lie or going with the flow: just “twiddlin’ them thumbs.” It may occur as—a feeling of vague dissatisfaction, self-betrayal, or a pit of emptiness.

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Of Social Media and Trends: The Pressure to be #CoupleGoals

With the use of social media becoming more entrenched in our daily lives, many more people are showcasing parts of their lives that were once exclusive.

Concerning romantic relationships, it’s common for individuals to share posts of/ with their “significant other” — as a declaration of their association’s status.

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“Lazy” Natural Cheat Sheet; 5 Things You Can Do Without

“Going natural” involves learning and, once in a while, relearning proper hair care. Though every hair has the same composition, best practices vary from one person to another.

Natural hair wash routine, in particular, involves “several” steps that can become tedious with their repetitiveness; and most people don’t have a whole day to dedicate to one’s tresses.

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Letting Go Of Competition; Who Is Better Of Us?

Success constitutes different things to different people. In the pursuit of it, we tend to assess our abilities and views against those around us. Especially, those whose views or paths we consider similar to our own.

This is a habit where people rank themselves against others (of a select group) on a range of qualities, such as intelligence, attractiveness, height, wealth, skills, and more.

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Product Review; Sheba Range for Wash day by Sheth Naturals

Full natural hair washdays tend to be lengthy: from the different recommended steps of prepping the hair, washing & styling; to the numerous products incorporated in a single hair wash routine.

Depending on the stages one chooses to partake in, a typical hair wash day may take a few hours to half a day.

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