The Tug of War for Acceptance: Society vs. Introversion

In a world where many crave to be the center of attention and would do anything to get it, a temperate person is seen as detached. It’s no wonder that an introvert is often regarded as asocial. 

Not in the sense of acknowledging their need to rejuvenate by avoiding social interaction, but with the insinuation that this desire for privacy is detrimental to achieving a cohesive society. Mainly because this goes against the grain of what is considered normal.

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Mindfulness: Choosing to Live in the Moment

It appears, somewhere along the way in the quest for achieving a state of presentness—perhaps it’s a conscious decision— mindfulness became synonymous with meditation.

While we are yet to satisfactorily determine the extent of the benefit(s) of practicing mindfulness —providing the hard proofs— I choose to experience life in the Present, learn at that moment, and let go when it passes.

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Letting Go Of Competition: Who Is Better Of Us?

Success constitutes different things to different people. In the pursuit of it, we tend to assess our abilities and views against those around us. Especially, those whose views or paths we consider similar to our own.

This is a habit where people rank themselves against others (of a select group) on a range of qualities, such as intelligence, attractiveness, height, wealth, skills, and more.

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Being Vulnerable: The courage to be your Authentic Self

To share real-life experiences or obscure the details?

This is a question I have to face each time I choose to draft an article. Even so, I do my best to keep “I’s” to the minimum for the very touchy subjects. Other times, I may choose to mask the details by creating a third persona.

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